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Gastro Wine Boutique

11-12 Chatham Counterguard

Gibraltar, GX11 1AA

Open from 8.30AM - LATE

EST. | 2011




Simply it's Where Wine, Food & Friends come together!

Gibraltar's largest selection of wines available to you as a Wine Boutique and as a "walk through wine list"  at shop prices & without corkage fees

For those seeking our gastronomic fancies, our ever evolving restaurant, at the hands of our renowned, master Chef, Antonio Gutierrez  welcomes all!


 & plain old FUN!



300+ World Wines!

From over 23 countries and counting... We scour the furthest corners of the planet to find wines to suit all tastes. Visit us and walk through our wine list in it's beautiful and historic stone venue. Sip and try a selection of our best wines by the glass. Spend an end of week FRIYAY at ours for a pulsating and unforgettable party atmosphere. Seek our new wine terrace which opened on the 6th December 2019 and take in the majestic views of the rock.


From humble beginnings to star Chef! 

Chef Antonio's extraordinary talent in the Kitchen has elevated My Wines to version 2.0 which we now proudly reflect on our logo.

The even better news is that as from his July 2020 our X factor came into play in the form of our Josper Charcoal oven! This beast takes food to primordial levels. With Chef Antonio & the Josper our menu is now constantly updated every 3 months. Old favourites remain but many new ones are making their mark enticing customers to come back for more. 

From relaxed dining Mondays to Thursdays & Saturdays to Party Vibes on Fridays.

This is My Wines!

Book yourself a table below & come see for yourself!

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