Rias Baixa's star grape variety Albariño shines in this spectacular white from Bodegas Terras Gauda

Abadia de San Campio

  • Perfect just need to add a bit that suggests a food for itOk will doEre un crackTerras Gauda o rosal a charming name for a charming wine. From Las Rias Baixas this is a blend of four grape varieties that work in harmony to produce a delightful juice. Delicate, elegant and with bags of character this is a joy to drink and as you pour it into the glass you'll find your senses enticed by tropical fruit aromas, orange peel, lime zest, a flowery flutter and a herbal hint. A first sip will prove silky and seductive with a fresh burst of fruit, zest and salinity finishing with delicious citric acidity. Pair it with what else but seafood like langoustines, scallops, oysters, salpicon de marisco...the list is endless...and your imagination?! Kick off your shoes sit back and don't just drink this wine but sip, savour and most importantly enjoy it!🙌🙌Great I'm happy☺🍷🍷This gorgeous wine Abadia de San Campio made from 100% Albariño grapes indigenous to Las Rias Baixas, is exquisite to say the least! Such a lovely white whimsical and fanciful, the nose is intensely filled with aromas of cheerful lemon, lime, grapefruit, green orchard fruits along with a certain tropical character and a subtle nuance of fennel brings the whole olfactory affair together. The party continues at the first sip as you are confronted by velvety fruity and citric textures, enhanced by a bright and very lively acidity, minerals and sea scents that will leave you drooling for more. This Albariño is screaming for seafood, almejas al ajillo, gambas al pil pil, white fish fillets in a light cream sauce, pasta carbonara...you get the gist! This is a true wine of the sea where water, sky and land meets. It quenches the thirst, lifts the spirits and transports you to a relaxed coastal place where life is good, food is plentiful and wine flows uninterrupted..

  • Albariño